RV Parking is available on a reservation only basis.  RV spaces with electrical hookups are available one block south of the Convention Center.  30 amp and 50 amp hooks are available.  RV Parking spots available immediately adjacent to the Convention Center are available, but no electrical hookups are provided at that location.  RV's using generators will be permitted to operate generators 24 hours a day.  RV parking will be available beginning Wednesday, August 19, 2015.  The sponsoring clubs will arrange for a daily holding tank cleaning service at a cost of $15.00 per day which must be paid at the time of arrival.  Rvs or travel trailers will not be permitted parking lot of the Convention  Center without reservation.

Reservations for RV's must be made by filling out the form below.

Questions regarding RV Parking can be directed to Terry Naulty by email at terrynaulty@gmail.com

RATES (Per Day)

Electric Service - 30 amp or 50 amp $40

No Electric Service - $30

Premium RV Parking - 50 amp - $80

Holding Tank Cleaning - $15